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This brand was named after the city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, which is the center for processing tobacco leaves. But for a long time this town did not stand out in any way, and only in 1875, the founder of the RJR company (Richard Joshua Reynolds), opened the first tobacco processing factory in these places. At the very beginning, chewing tobacco was produced, which the Americans loved very much. But very soon the assortment was expanded due to tobacco for pipes.

The Beginning of Cigarette History in America

Americans immediately fell in love with the rich taste of the Winston brand and became the most popular cigarette in the United States of America in 1065. By the end of the 20th century, Winston was recognized as an expert in the field of tobacco products, since a special tobacco blend was created for this brand, which used dark oriental varieties, Burley varieties and light Virginia varieties. Also, this recognition was facilitated by modern Winston filtration technologies and to this day they are preferred by fans of quality products around the world.

Winston cigarettes have been at the top of popularity at different times, the tastes of consumers have changed, the types of cigarettes have also changed, and the quality of the product of this brand has always remained the highest. Consumers of this brand say that the cost of new Winston cigarettes remains low with good quality. Winston cigarettes embody quality and democracy.

Where to buy original Winston cigarettes in bulk

Wholesale supplier Rayor llc offers its customers original products from the manufacturer. Wholesale deliveries by sea and air around the world.

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