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Richmond Cigarettes

Legendary quality from the best cigarette manufacturer

Richmond Tobacco Products LTD is always on the list of leaders, as it uses the latest technologies and methods of tobacco drying to manufacture its products. Thanks to advanced technologies, the company's tobacco products are of high quality and make smoking comfortable. Each cigarette of this brand contains the best quality tobacco blend, which is blended from tobaccos from American and African plantations. Tobacco is prepared in a unique way, first it is smoked, and then dried for about 4 months.

Varieties of Richmond cigarettes

Each smoker prefers their shades and properties of tobacco products. Some prefer classic Richmond cigarettes, others like the presence of additives, thin Richmond cigarettes are mostly preferred by girls.

  • Richmond Cherry - classic cherry-flavored cigarettes, have flavors of natural origin.

  • Richmond Cherry Gold is a softer cherry flavor, with a reduced nicotine content.

  • Richmond Collectors Edition - only elite varieties of tobacco are mixed for them, impregnated with the original composition of natural flavors of red grapes, prunes and cherries.

  • Richmond Empire Edition - this version of cigarettes is packaged in a metal cigarette case, cigarette paper is made from hemp fiber.

  • Richmond Super Slim Cherry - thin cigarettes with a sweetish cherry flavor.

  • Richmond Special Blue - four levels of resin protection, "Special" filter

  • Richmond Royal - cigarettes of a new development in the Slims format, without fruit flavors.

Where to buy original Richmond cigarettes in bulk?

Wholesale supplier Rayor LLC offers a wide range of original Richmond tobacco products.

We offer only a quality product from the manufacturer, because we value our customers.

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