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Marlboro wholesale - the true flavor of America

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Marlboro is one of the most famous types of cigarettes in the United States, Canada and around the world. They can be freely bought online, in markets and supermarkets, however, the large abundance of Marlboro can confuse you to a certain extent. Here's what you need to know to know the solid difference between one product and another.

Marlboro Differences

In principle, there are two types of Marlboro cigarettes: 100x and 80x - this is the difference in length. The 80mm is more available worldwide, while the 100mm is limited in some countries.

In terms of strength, Marlboro products fall into 3 main classes: standard (8mg), light (between 4 and 8mg), and ultra light (less than 4mg). You have to keep in mind that menthol doesn't affect tar even though menthol cigarettes have a lighter tobacco. Also, keep in mind that some light Marlboro cigarettes are also called "milds".

What's New at Marlboro

The most widely used Marlboro cigarettes are classic red and their light version. Recently released, Marlboro Filter Plus has become very popular due to the successful combination of the original taste with a new, more efficient filter. This product is especially popular in Europe and North America.

Some special products like Marlboro Gold Touch and Marlboro Gold Original cigarettes have been widely advertised in recent times. Those who have tried them are ready to note the excellent balance between strength and softness, as well as the ideal amount of moisture in these cigarettes.

Where can I buy Marlboro cigarettes in bulk?

Wholesale supplier - Rayor llc, offers you to buy Marlboro cigarettes in bulk. In order to place an order in bulk for original Duty Free cigarettes, just contact our sales department through the website and order delivery to your warehouse.

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