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Comparative tasting of Marlboro cigarettes.

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

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With all the species diversity of the brand, Marlboro is represented rather poorly in our country.

Only five varieties were found on the domestic market: Red, Gold, Filter Plus, Ice Boost and Compact Double Mix. Meanwhile, we never have Marlboro Black, Virginia Blend, Blend # 27, Edge, Nxt and many others.

Only "push-button" varieties at Marlboro have about a dozen varieties, not to mention the "classics". In our review, we will only look at three: Red, Gold and Compact Double Mix.

All varieties featured in this review come in trendy bevelled packs with a Pro Fresh valve. Speaking of the valve, chances are it actually retains flavor longer.

However, there is also a disadvantage of this technology - on the go, you cannot get a cigarette from the pack with one hand ((Especially if the pack is already half-empty. But this is of course my personal opinion.

All samples are "licensed", produced at the "Philip Morris Swiss.

So let's start with Marlboro Red. These are the strongest cigarettes from the review. Tar 7 mg, nicotine 0.5 mg, CO 7 mg. The cigarettes are equipped with an acetate filter with Firm Filter technology, i.e. compacted and retaining its shape.

The cigarette has a standard American blend bag, the cuts are thin. However, in the total mass there are translucent light fractions more similar to "reconstituted tobacco". The aroma from the cigarette, sorry for the tautology, cigarette. Those. just cigarette tobacco.

In the smoke, the taste is expressed in the same way as in the aroma - just cigarette tobacco. No "zest" and some kind of lean. Most often, you expect strength from cigarettes in "red" packs, but in the Marlboro Red version it is just not there. Even the fortress originally laid down is "eaten" by the filter. For my taste - average.

Marlboro Gold. These cigarettes are equipped with a double filter Recessed Filter, short acetate, short acetate with charcoal chips and a short mouthpiece made of thick cardboard. Tar 6 mg, nicotine 0.5 mg, CO 7 mg.

The design of this variety differs from the previous one with a white perforated filter and a "gold" flat one, with the name of the variety and a branded "jackdaw".

The inside is exactly the same bag as the Marlboro Red. The same American blend, with the same cut and with the same "reconstituted tobacco" fractions. The aroma from the cigarette is the same, but even weaker. The taste of smoke is also no different from originality, however, the "tobacco" component is slightly brighter and slightly tastier.

Despite the perforated filter, the cigarette seems to be a little stronger.

And if you compare Red and Gold in terms of taste, I will definitely give my vote to Gold. However, this is still a "middling"

"Push-button" Marlboro Compact Double Mix. Cigarettes in a "fashionable" compact format with two capsules of different flavors. TTX: resin 5 mg, nicotine 0.4 mg, CO 5 mg.

Cigarettes of this type are also "in white". Acetate filter, perforated, with two "walled" capsules providing a false choice of taste.

Why false? Because regardless of the choice, you have already bought both =)

The capsules are not only of different tastes, but also of different colors. They are securely fixed in the filter, do not crawl under the fingers and are easily squeezed. The green capsule (purple on the filter) gives a mint berry flavor, and the blue one gives menthol.

The cigarette has the same bag as in all the previous ones. Tobacco, of course, is less, the cutting is a little finer. Perhaps, due to the finer cutting, it was not possible to find the "under-tobacco" particles.

If you smoke a cigarette and do not press the "buttons", the taste is still there and is more similar to Gold. The taste is weak, tobaccoy, slightly drier and slightly mint.

If you remove the filter and smoke, you won't recognize Marlboro! The taste is sharp, irritating to the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. Against the background of all this causticity, there is no trace of the "tobacco" taste! A mint-chemical flavor is also present, so the "flavors" are embedded not only in the buttons, but also in the impregnation of tobacco or paper.

The "buttons" flavors are better than those of many "classmates", although they do not look like natural ones. Menthol is not harsh, and the "berry" flavor is quite tolerable, however, it is not associated with any berry)) When you press both "buttons" - menthol wins everyone))

Here is a comparison of the composition of all the bag, all the cigarettes from the review:

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