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Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Wholesale deliveries of cigarettes around the world - Rayor llc

Really iconic cigarettes can be called - Camel. This brand belongs to conservative cigarettes, which is clearly emphasized by the taste and external data. They began to be made in America in 1913 by the company R. J. R. During the entire production of the Camel cigarette, no major changes were made, the same applies to the design of the pack. This American brand is quite popular and ranks 5th in sales worldwide.

From the very beginning, Camel cigarettes were made for the male half of smokers with a minimum number of types, the difference between the types was only in the strength of the tobacco and the design of the pack. An interesting fact is that throughout the 100 years of production of these cigarettes, Camel never began to produce cigarettes with any flavors.

Hard times and changes

For Camel, the 50s were very difficult, because their main competitor Marlboro was rapidly gaining popularity, in order not to lose its popularity, this brand rebranded. They slightly changed the appearance of the pack, now it is more conservative and removed strong types of cigarettes, or rather changed the name.

At the moment, Camel cigarettes are owned by the Japanese Japan Tobacco Inc. For the Japanese, this brand is the most important, because it brings JTI 25% of all income.

You can buy the original of these cigarettes in bulk from a wholesaler - Rayor llc.

Rayor llc offer only 100% original products.

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