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About us

Rayor llc is a dynamic Corporate Firm with big experience in the global wholesale supply and distribution of renowned brands like Marlboro, L&M, Parliament, Winston, Dunhill, Davidoff, Heets, IQOS etc.

Rayor llc is one of eastern europe leading wholesalers specialising in the distribution of a wide variety of branded fast moving cigarettes across a range of niche markets. Throughout the years we have built a strong reputation and developed long term relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, and clients in a wide portfolio of brands.

Our business is to serve our customer’s needs, and we achieve this by providing best-in-class-service at all levels of the company. Along the entire supply chain, we use our knowledge and experience to develop practical solutions to clients’ day-to-day challenges. We act as a trustworthy partner, taking over our clients’ tasks and working actively with them to achieve their ambitions. But no matter which service we’re providing, our goal remains the same as it did when we started: to provide clients with reliable, long-term solutions, while continuing to grow their business and our own.

Rayor llc has a long and well established exclusive relationship with many of the world’s largest suppliers of leading international cigarettes, and tobacco brands like Philip Morris, JTI, BAT etc. 
With an extensive and efficient Distribution network across the globe and the neighbouring Asian Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and the USA. Over the years the company has gained a reputation for its focus on brand building with a solid financial base and experienced management, sales, marketing, and logistical team.

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